Friday, February 12, 2010

Blog Finale : Episode 9 - Honey for Nothing - Part (3)where I get fed up

Disclaimer: I feel that Pakistani cricket players should be accommodated in IPL. I also request Hindu fundamentalists to make a huge issue out of this so that I get cheap publicity. Of course, when all of this pays off, I'll tweet saying I'm "sorry" for whatever 'so-called-inconvenience' the 'so-called-controversy' might/might not have created/induced ..... phew!! SRK mustve been really vetti to have masterminded this whole thing. Or am I overestimating his ability to think??

I left the 'Honey for Nothing' series hanging without a concrete climax. Just as I was reeling under the impression that no person quite cares abt this particular climax, I happened to watch 'Ayirathil Oruvan'. It made me realise how pathetic it is to not have an ending(decent enough or otherwise).

The last episode concluded at a stage where I had problems with the dog at our PG(paying guesthouse). Subsequently I found out that dogs are sh*t scared of guitars. All I had to do was use my acoustic guitar(playing Bryan Adams particularly irked the poor creature for some reason).

The climate in Bangalore was a welcome change from the Chennai summer (I'm still talking abt my third year Internship, in case you cared enough to wonder). The pleasant climate and the fact that I had an internship(which had quite a decent stipend) gave me an inexplicable 'too-good-to-be-true' feeling. Sure enough, I found out that the Sambar there had jaggery in it!!!

To all those sweet-sambar fanatics(aka ppl from Karnataka) out there - let's accept the facts shall we?? You just don't know how to make Sambar. Your ancestors probably asked ours for the perfect recipe, which ,not surprisingly, tempted them to ask for Cauvery water in return(ultimately breaking the deal - obviously). Mixing jaggery and catering to wannabe-diabetics alone doesn't warrant the usage of the name 'Sambar'.

Another startling fact about Bangalore is that there is no change(as in 1-rupee coins) in the whole city!! Buy a bus ticket and you get a piece of paper with an encircled number denoting the change at the back of it .... any attempts to en-cash it is met with not-so-pleasant frowning faces. Irrespective of the time of the day or the value of the commodity/ticket, you are expected to pay exact change. At times, when you are really lucky, you might be able to convince the shopkeeper to open his *secret stash* of change to pay you back.

My internship ended in the most weird fashion (I can't post it in a public domain due to ethical considerations).On my last day in bang., I went to buy snacks for the train journey and committed the blunder of not taking the exact change. I ended up buying a bottle of honey just so that the total bill came to a perfect 50Rs (thus the title of the series 'Honey for Nothing'). I'm still thankful that I never had to learn a single word of Kannada during my entire stay in Bangalore. I still distinctly remember an auto-driver asking me in English : "Tamil?? Hindi?? Telugu?? Which language do you want me to speak?!!".

P.S: In case you didn't get the Dire Straits reference in the title - I suggest you start listening to good music!

P.P.S: @ppl who are interested on how my intern ended (and are reasonably jobless) - u can ping me. If you are a stranger reading this blog post - the climax is open to interpretation. (:P)

P.P.P.S: I'll not be posting any new posts in this page owing to the lameness of some of my previous posts .... and also partly due to the bad(and only) formatting options available in blogspot.

P.P.P.P.S: I overdid the P.S part again (refer to previous episode).

XOXO(sans the hugs and kisses)


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