Sunday, June 22, 2008

Episode 2 - I AM LEGEND.......................wait for it!!!...............................DARY!!!!!!!!!!

DISCLAIMER: The characters in this post are purely non-fictious , any resemblance to real life characters is purely intentional.

NO! This isn't about Barney!

All right !!!!!!!!! Wat's wit zombie movies ???????????? There is no logic whatsoever in them . They probably got ideas from rabid dogs - which bite and transmit their disease and tendency to bite totally unsuspecting people !!!!!!!! Man-eaters are generally related with lions , etc . But watching a man eat man is the grossest thing to see .

Well i dunno whether i lost my mind - but i made the mistake of watching I AM LEGEND (ya.. i am) in a theater on the 30th day !! The following things caught my notice :

1.Theater was so empty - so there was virtually no one to throw up on whenever a really sick scene comes up!

2.The guy 2 seats next to me was talking to his girlfriend (i guess) - he was giving live commentary of the film (except for the part where WILL flexes his muscles!!)

3.I had a sore throat and had to pop in some cough syrup . Some guy who saw it thought i was drinking packaged blood and gave me a weird look!!

Well it was not a really pleasing experience . Well , i prepared myself to enjoy(!!!) the movie . But having seen zombie movies before and being familiar with "OMEGA MAN" , i was deprived of that privilege too .

Before i continue , the ratings for my blog have gone up , so there will be ads in between . See ya , after the break !!

/*I've commented this part so as to make clear this isn't part of the blog.

This is Dianna , the director of ORKUT.COM . You have to forward the link of this blog to at least 100 people . Or your account will self-destruct 10 mins after you have read this!!!!!!!


Welcome back after the break !

During the interval , i was aching to go to the restroom because i was completely "pissed". I also lost my appetite due to certain scenes . I overheard a guy and his girlfriend talking how gr8 the movie was !!!! When the girl went to take her popcorn , i slowly asked the guy "DUDE!! Seriously haven't you watched good films at all??!". The guy replied,"My previous girlfriend broke up with me cause i made fun of Will Smith while watching this same movie on the first day!!! i'm not taking any chances!".

All right !! Ground rules for guys dating - NEVER EVER make fun of your girlfriend's favorite actor !! Cause they are like their imaginary spouses!!!!!!!!! (Sorry girls !! I'm jus exaggerating to make it more interesting.)

So , since i paid 100 bucks (FACT: Salman Khan wouldn't like the word BUCK since all he has is BLACK money , so 100 bucks is actually 100 BLACK BUCKS for him - that's too much for him to kill!! ) i decided to take the plunge and see the rest of the movie.

Unfortunately , the couple whom i encountered earlier sat behind me , by then they had lost interest in the movie (why not!!) and got interested in themselves . They didn't notice me since i had sank into my chair ! I felt happy for the guy . I thot "Gr8 going dude ! Truly, where there is WILL Smith , thr is a way" . I quietly slipped onto the next row .

That just wasn't my day , as i sat next to the guy who saw me drinking "BLOOD" . I kept quite for a while . He suddenly broke the silence and told me , 'This movie is KICKASS!!". I was ready to kick his ass !!!!! But then it was the scene where WILL says "You take the cure for the disease , i'm destined to die". And out of nowhere the whole theater (not more than 100 people) started applauding!!!! WHAT THE HECK!!!!!!! I'm surrounded by WILL SMITH FANS . I made a quick exit before anyone bit me and turned me into a WILL SMITH fan!!!!!!!

To all WILL SMITH fans reading this (especially girls!) - i have due respect for WILL - dat's why i have typed his name in caps everywhere!! This film was not in my best views - that's why i thrashed it !! WILL you pls excuse me????!!!!!!


Facts from my previous blog post : There was no girl who i saw in spencers so that i make myself clear to all the girls reading my blog - I'm open to new relationships :P.

And to all my friends who questioned my credibility as a BBC - i jus wanna tell them that i still exist as BBC with a different full form which i decline to translate here!!!!!!!!!

And please follow episodes sequentially - it'll help me co-ordinate better with you :P


Atul said...

i agree with u, will smith sucks... that's why i'm not capitalising his name...

Kshitij said...

The symptoms of an overdose of IIT life(style?), willy WALEE and the fact that you might not necessarily have met the reader's mother or "aisa vicea versa" (copyright: ME112!)... to continue with the original communication that i intended to achieve... resulted in you, YOU, (hey how to increase the font size further da?) going and watching a legend! Just for general knowledge but exactly how many times did the couple behind you end up jumping (out of)/(on) their seats for any concludable hypothesis? [:D]

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if it's relief or disappointment that I'm feeling but i was expecting an overdose of PJs when i came to know that you'd stated your own blog. IITM seems to have managed to have done something DAV couldn't-put an end to ur blade

I'm a gravy hanger !! said...

So the blade thalai has continued his brand of BBCnews PJs at his own WILL, I guess. I agree with the facts about the movie, but instead of watching the movie for 100 bucks, you could have somehow gotten urself a recording machine so as to record the couple's dialogues and made a movie out of it titled "How to win a GF in 1.5 hours " and the movie duration could be .. wait for it.... 1.6 hours (the extra 6 min for your editing and commercial brakes (yes, not breaks) to the movie with your BBC network coverage news (read Blades) !!

Srihari M Radhakrishnan said...

nice work