Sunday, July 6, 2008

Episode 3 - BLOKE on the water

DISCLAIMER: The following blog entry contains crude content . So , Parental Guidance is strictly prohibited!!!

After seeing my blog , one of my friends asked me the " FORMAT " for writing a blog ! So, i told him there are no rules for writing a blog . And unfortunately , he took the advice so seriously, that it resulted in a disaster of a blog in the form of this :

My sincere apologies!!

Anyways , sorry for the delay in "publishing" or "airing" - watever u want to call it - of Ep3. I just wasn't jobless enough .

I joined a summer swimming camp in my 8th grade . Now , even though my parents were kinda instrumental in my joining , it was my ambition- to be a lifeguard(!!) , that pushed me into the camp. Well, u r obviously surprised why i wud want to be a lifeguard . The reason was simple , Bollywood movies ! I hope u r familiar how in a typical bollywood movie , the hero saves the heroine from drowning ? (long story short i wanted a girlfriend !!)

So , it was the first day of the camp , and i was on the constant lookout for emergencies !! But , once the training started , my worsht (spelled with the "h") fears came true . Even being in the baby pool , i was in a constant fear of getting drowned in the "3 feet deep pool". Finally , after 5 days of coaching , i got over my POOLOPHOBIA , and cud keep myself afloat in water .

So, one fine day (turned out to be a bad one), i came earlier than everyone else to practice , and saw a girl drowning !! So , i gathered all my courage and took a dive .Unfortunately , i landed on her directly and what followed was a flurry of bad words , which to this day , i haven't found the meaning of . It happened so, that she was a professional swimmer trying to hold her breath for a good amount of time , which i happened to "misinterpret" .

I was feeling kinda feeling low(actually i was feeling "drowned") but what followed was a very interesting incident . There was a guy who already knew swimming , and used to show off in front of all the girls (ya , it was none of my business) . So , one of us (NOT ME!!) went off the hook and pulled his shorts jus before he dived , and the result - shorts outside water and him inside!!! What followed were peals of laughter (of the guys) and screeching screams (of the girls) . I decline to describe the scene any further !!!

And , after that i never wanted to step in that water again (who wud want that water to get into their mouths , after witnessing the bizarre incident) . I never went for swimming again - either because of the fear of losing my shorts , or jumping on a professional swimmer , i dunno for sure.

But i learnt an important lesson that day - i have wasted 10 mins of your time by posting a completely untrue story , and have made you mad at me!! But life goes on ..................

/*No ads this time , Because of ads-men strike!!

And one of my friends after seeing my previous post was curious to know ,wat the climax of the love story 2007 - in the seat behind me - was like . Too bad , i din't even stay till the interval of the film , because it was worse than the film on-screen.

Another of my friends , had a problem with the number of exclamation marks in my blog - he feels it's too much .Well , this is for him :

And , by the way , the title is a reference to the song "SMOKE ON THE WATER" by Deep purple.

So , see ya next episode !


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Hari said...

good one my friend...nice touch of old raghu with the "ads-men strike" thing :D... keep it coming!