Sunday, September 28, 2008


DISCLAIMER : All the characters appearing in this episode are from the english alphabet , punctuation marks , etc. (add watever u want to)

Tht was a long break , and i'm not apologising for tht - the producer had hassles with the sponsors - no ads this time . So let's get to the fun (:P) part without wasting much time .

This is about an incident - happened in school . It was our chemistry lab , and as we know the lab incharges sometimes get too thirsty, once in a while, that they wud request all the students to bring fruit juices - in the name of conducting an experiment (pH test - is tht wat they call tht?) - most students obliged by bringing juice samples . Ans , as is usual , there were anomalies (or in Lehman Brothers' language - "exceptions") and those few students were requested to be OUTSTANDING .

One of those came up to the lab-ass (i'm not expanding tht for u) and explained tht he had left his sample in the classroom . So, he was shooed(or shoed - u get the idea rite?) off to bring his alleged sample . After a few minutes he came back with a bottle of pale yellow transparent liquid which, no sane person, wud've mistaken for a fruit juice , cause it was so obvious tht his pH sample was a natural man-made juice !!!!!!!!!!

But wat do ya know? The lab-ass didn't even have the slightest suspicion of the nature of the liquid (now u know lab-ass doesn't just stand for lab-assistant) . And as the "prodigy" started his experiment , his pH paper stuck to the walls of the beaker - seeing him hesitant to stick his hands into the beaker , the lab-ass pushed the paper inside - getting his hands wet('dirty' wud be more apt) in the process too .

As if all this drama( or sitcom - cause it was utterly funny at tht instant ) wasn't enough , we had to mix some chemical for a subsequent process and one of the beakers started giving unusually large amounts of colored smokes (attractive prizes for guessing which one :P ) . The lab session was disrupted and the culprit produced in front of the district Magistrate (the princi i mean) , and after the grueling judicial process , the accused was sentenced to two-day suspension .

But , the guy had no regrets , i starkly remember him sayin "It was TOTALLY worth it, dude!!" .

I adopted a different kind of presentation with a lot of brackets to convey implied meanings , if it was too painful to read - i guess i overwhelmingly succeeded in my attempt.

As is usual , i give references to my titles , being considerate towards the ignorant section of blog readers . My title refers to the song "Smells like teen spirit" by Nirvana.

See ya next episode .

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cl said...

you would have been even more successful in your attempt for gaining god-knows-what, without the bracketed info :P