Saturday, November 15, 2008


Disclaimer: This episode is dedicated to no one . And i really don't know why i mentioned this.

My alarm went off ...... OMG!! Himesh Reshammiya songs are so effective when used as alarm tones - they r so irritating tht you wouldn't want to sleep even a minute more (of course , occasionally you might feel like smashing the phone) . As the bright rays of sunlight fell on my half-closed eyes , i had a look at the time jus to make sure i didn't miss my morning class . 4:00 AM!!!!!!! Realizing that my tubelight was the culprit behind the fake sunlight , i switched it off and tried sleeping again.

Ahhhhhhhh! Damn you Himesh!!!!! After cursing him for another 10 minutes , i made up my mind to utilize the time available to study . I gave my pile of books a long hard stare , had a hearty laugh and after giving it a lot of thought [:P] i decided to take a bath (i think i gave it a lot of thought , i don't exactly remember)!!!!! So , i took my immersion heater ......blah.........blah.......blah and had a bath . As i pursued the quest to get back to my room , all of a sudden a monkey jumped in front of me and both of us stared deeply into each other's eyes with fear and anger(pls don't ask me who's associated with the fear here) .


As the monkey stood still, virtually growling at me , somehow i was intimidated by the size of the creature . It was big, almost the size of Andrew Symmonds (well, not literally) . My teeth were chattering , either because of the gruesome sight or because of the 5:00 AM cold . There was no one else around and .............. BANG!.... the monkey made a dash towards me . If i were telling this story to my hypothetical girlfriend, i wud have gone about boasting of how i bravely fought the monkey . But since my girlfriend is Z-Z* (purely imaginary) , i must say i literally ran at the speed of wind before my bathroom slippers betrayed me and i fell down.

I turned back , and to my horror i realized that it was a biscuit piece on the floor which had triggered the big chase .Thankfully, no person was there to witness the drama ! After the monkey enjoyed it's breakfast , i happened to notice that i had soiled myself badly and had another bath. Coming back to my room, i had some rest and told myself :
"Thank God!! No one knows about this , or else it would have been soooooooooooooooo embarrassing"......................Hey, wait a minute!!!!!!!!! Why am i telling you all this ??????!!!!!!!!!!

P.S : 'Z' is a complex number, in case you are fantasizing about my 'imaginary' girlfriend !!


cl said...

Ah! An episode after a long time..err thought (can't beat the thought that went into taking bath, of course :P).
Just a out of curiosity, why was the monkey angry?! May be it thought you'd snatch away its breakfast! :P

Nrupesh said...

Ah man... you should have remembered me and my brave interactions with monkeys... would have helped... :P

Gilly said...

so u hv pretty complex girlfriends