Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Episode 7 - Honey for Nothing......Part 1

Disclaimer: Due to recession - the quality&quantity of my postings have come down . So , don't get your expectations too high up(hey Dhoni!! You cud probably use this excuse for the time being??!!).

One of my 'friends', questioned me a few weeks back as to why i had stopped blogging (and according to the automatic English dictionary provided by 'blogging' is NOT an English word!!! Sheesh !! Gibb max!!) . My initial reaction, of course,was that of shock , considering the fact that he actually gave a crap about the blog!! I responded , saying that the blog brought out a sarcastic and frivolous side of me , which made me uncomfortable (hard to believe , eh??). He , in turn , suggested (Yes! He was jobless/pathetic enough to have SUGGESTIONS regarding my blog!) that it might actually turn out to be a 'hit' like the “Fake IPL Player” slog (I prefer to call it a 'slog' instead of a blog because .....DUH!!...... it's about cricket). That,combined with (silly)inspiration drawn from the Australian cricket team's unexpected exit,kinda materialized into this post .

A pretty long intro, i guess? Well , I have been in Bangalore,only around a month or so, for my intern . And i could probably write a whole book on my experiences here , already . But , of course ,being a faithful IITian , i decided to put 'em in my blog instead .

I was supposed to do my intern with a certain company , but unfortunately things didn't work out as expected . The worst part of being left jobless was that i got to know abt this only after i reached Bangalore . So, i booked train tickets to Chennai , and , subsequently , got into a resume-mailing spree to find an intern in a Bangalore company. Fortunately , one of my dept. Intern reps(IRs) , kinda volunteered to help me in this situation . I only let a few of my friends know about this , since i knew going around mentioning the company's name, and it's lil mix-up, wudn't be ethical . But, quite ironically, he forwarded my mail , in which this whole fiasco was explained, to the whole department's google-group instead of the IR-team google-group!! Nevertheless , he and one other batch-mate of mine , helped me end up with an intern (Thanx Diki&Chunda !!) .

Initially , i was quite apprehensive about it,as the job i got wasn't exactly in my area of interest . Later , realising that it was a paid intern, i convinced myself "All is well , that FUNDS well" ..... eh?

Once my intern was confirmed , i came back from the cyber-cafe to my paying-guest-house(PG , as i am goin to refer to it as) and felt quite relieved . “Peaceful summer ahead ” was my line of thought . Still, something constantly irked me . Deep inside my heart , i knew i was missing something really close to me . As i opened my laptop , it suddenly struck me ........

“Crap!! No NET connection in my room!!!”

(To be contd...................)

P.S: The relevance to the title will be explained in one of the subsequent posts . I am pretty sure this is the last thing u'll be bothered about . Still , i feel responsible for what i write here......

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